Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smoking More Indian Pipe

In a sea of under story plants we go back to the one that captured my eye the most.

Indian Pipe could just as easily be renamed Hydra's Head or something that effect. Though I can see the resemblance to a pipe when it's up right and blooming at it's prime. As it falls over and slowly melts away the stem bends and adds a curve like a dragon's neck.  

The multiple heads of the Hydra coming out of the sea. The Hydra in Greek Mythology is a serpent who grows two heads where one once stood. It's represents the problem that only gets worse by trying to fix it. So this is a hydra in name only. Indian Pipe is by no means a problem. Going back to the first picture to this post the Indian Pipes were all leaching off a massive Swamp Oak tree at least 40' tall and at the peak of his health. Ripping off a head will not make new ones grow back but the problem does grow more heads as time goes by.