Ant Species List and Distribution

Distribution Map

Genus (Subgroup) species      Distribution (State if limited)     Month of Nuptial Flight
Not all genera have subgroups. Some are classified as subspecies, meaning they are listed with two species names, often with one being a variety or variation on another species.

For distribution, the general area (as listed in the map above) is listed where the species is generally found. But some species are only found in one state of a different region in which case it is only listed (in parentheses).

NOTE: This is a work in progress.

Ants of North America: A Guide to the Genera
Subfamily Amblyoponinae
Fulakora degenerata                                Mexico, WI
Fulakora orizabana                                  SW, Mexico

Prionopelta antillana                               SE (Florida)

(Formerly Amblyopone)
Stigmatomma degeneratum (renamed Fulakora degenerata)
Stigmatomma oregonensis                       SW, NW
Stigmatomma orizabanum (renamed Fulakora orizabana)                     
Stigmatomma pallipes                             SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Stigmatomma trigonignathum                  SE
Stigmatomma zwaluwenburgi                 HA

Subfamily Dolichoderinae
Dolichoderus mariae                            SC, SE, NC, NE
Dolichoderus plagiatus                        SE, NC, NE
Dolichoderus pustulatus                       SC, SE, NC, NE
Dolichoderus taschenbergi                   SC, SE, NC, NE

Dorymyrmex bicolor                            SW, SC, Mexico
Dorymyrmex bossutus                          SE, SW
Dorymyrmex bureni                             SC, SE, NC, NE
Dorymyrmex elegans                           SE (Florida), Mexico
Dorymyrmex flavopectus                     SE, Mexico
Dorymyrmex flavus                             SW, SC, SE, NC
Dorymyrmex grandulus                       SC, SE, NC, NE
Dorymyrmex insanus                          SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE, Mexico
Dorymyrmex lipan                              SC (Texas), Mexico
Dorymyrmex medeis (see Dorymyrmex smithi)
Dorymyrmex paiute                            SW, NW
Dorymyrmex reginiculus                    SE (Florida)
Dorymyrmex smithi                            SW, SC, SE, NC
Dorymyrmex wheeleri                       SW (Arizona)

Forelius mccooki                               SW, SC, SE, NW, NC
Forelius pruinosus                             SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, Mexico, WI

Linepithema humile                           HA, SW, SC, SE, Mexico
Linepithema iniquum                         SW, SC, SE, NC, NE

Liometopum apiculatum                    SW, SC, NW
Liometopum luctuosum                     SW, SC, NW, Mexico,
Liometopum occidentale                   SW, NW, Mexico

Ochetellus glaber                              HA, SE (Florida)

Tapinoma dimmocki (see Tapinoma sessile)
Tapinoma litorale                              SE (Florida), Mexico, WI
Tapinoma melanocephalum               HA, SE (Florida), Costa Rico
Tapinoma schreiberi                         SW
Tapinoma sessile                               SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE, Mexico,

Technomyrmex albipes                      HA, SE (Florida)
Technomyrmex difficilis                    SE, NW

Subfamily Dorylinae
Acanthostichus arizonensis                    SW

(Cerapachys)Acanthostichus davisi (known only from males) SW, SC
Acanthostichus punctiscapus                 SW
Acanthostichus texanus                          SW, SC

Labidus coecus                                   SC, Mexico,

Neivamyrmex agilis                                           SW, Mexico
Neivamyrmex andrei (only known from males) SW Mexico
Neivamyrmex baylori (only known from males) SC (Texas)
Neivamyrmex californicus                                  SW
Neivamyrmex carolinensis                                 SC, SE, NC, NE
Neivamyrmex fuscipennis (only known from males?) SW, SC
Neivamyrmex graciellae                                    SW (Arizona)
Neivamyrmex harrisii                                        SW SC
Neivamyrmex kiowapache                                SW, SC, NW, NC
Neivamyrmex leonardi (N. minor males likely mistaken for this species) SW, SC
Neivamyrmex mandibularis (only known from males?) SW (Arizona)
Neivamyrmex melanocephalus                         SW, Mexico
Neivamyrmex melshaemeri                               SW, SC, Mexico
Neivamyrmex microps                                       SW (Arizona)
Neivamyrmex minor (only known from males likely N. leonardi) SW, SC
Neivamyrmex mojave                       SW (California), Mexico
Neivamyrmex moseri                        SC, Mexico
Neivamyrmex ndeh                           SW (Arizona)
Neivamyrmex nigrescens                  SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Neivamyrmex nyensis                       SW (California)
Neivamyrmex opacithorax                SW, SC, SE, NC, NE
Neivamyrmex pauxillus                    SC (Texas), Mexico
Neivamyrmex pilosus                       SW, SC
Neivamyrmex rugulosus                   SW (Arizona), Mexico
Neivamyrmex swainsonii                 SW, SC, SE, Mexico
Neivamyrmex texanus                       SW, SC, SE, NC, NE, Mexico
Neivamyrmex wilsoni                       SW (California)

Nomamyrmex esenbeckii                  SC (Texas), Mexico
(Formerly Cerapachys)
Ooceraea biroi                                            HA, WI

(Formerly Cerapachys)
Syscia augustae                                         SW

Subfamily Ectatomminae
Gnamptogenys hartmani                    SC, Mexico
Gnamptogenys triangularis               SE

Subfamily Formicinae
Acropyga epedana                           SW (Arizona), Mexico

Anoplolepis gracilipes                    HA, Mexico

Brachymyrmex depilis                     SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Brachymyrmex obscurior                  HA, SC, SE
Brachymyrmex patagonicus              SW, SC, SE, NC (Missouri)

Carpenter Ants of the United States and Canada is an okay read but they only go over 24 species which is lacking for such a robust genus in North America. Distribution for some species mentioned is not accurate and the Colobopsis group has been promoted to full genus status now. Beyond this though, everything after chapter 3 is an absolute delight to read. And I highly recommend it.

True Camponotus and Tanemyrmex group; because there are few differences between these two groups in North America I've grouped them together. Tanaemyrmex are said to have long in the face, but this isn't consistent for all castes or for all species. Both groups are medium to large sized ants ranging from 6 to 20mm. Queens of this group are among the biggest North America has to offer. 
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) acutirostris           SW, NC
Camponotus (Camponotus) americanus             SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) castaneus              SC, SE, NC, NE
Camponotus (Camponotus) chromaiodes           SC, SE, NC, NE
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) dumetorum           SW (California)
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) festinatus             SW, SC, SE (Tennessee)
Camponotus (Camponotus) fragilis                   SW, SC, Mexico
Camponotus (Camponotus) herculeanus            AL, NW, NC, NE, (SW, SC high elevations)
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) incensus               SE (Florida)
Camponotus (Camponotus) laevigatus               SW, SC, NW, SC, Mexico
Camponotus laevissimus                                    NW
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) maccooki             SW, SC, NW, Mexico
Camponotus (Camponotus) maritimus               SW (California) 
Camponotus (Camponotus) microps                  SW
Camponotus (Camponotus) modoc                    SW, SC, NW, NC, (NE?)
Camponotus (Camponotus) novaeboracensis      SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) ocreatus               SW, SC
Camponotus (Camponotus) pennsylvanicus       SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Camponotus (Camponotus) pudorosus              SW, Mexico
Camponotus quercicola (see C. laevigatus)
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) sansabeanus        SW, SC, SE
Camponotus (Camponotus) schaefferi              SW, SC
Camponotus (Camponotus) sexguttatus             SE (Florida), WI, Mexico
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) socius                 SE, SC, NE
Camponotus (Camponotus texanus                   SC
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) tortuganus           SE, WI, Mexico
Camponotus (Taneamyrmex) vafer                  SW, SC, NW, Mexico
Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) vicinus               SW, SC, NW, NC, Mexico

Lesser Door Ants similar to regular Door Ants (Colobopsis) but the Clypeus is not as pronounced.
Camponotus (Myrmaphaenus) ulcerosus        SW, SC, Mexico
Camponotus (Myrmaphaenus) yogi                SW (California), Mexico

Small Carpenter Ants. These resemble compact forms of true Camponotus.
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) anthrax              SW (California)
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) bakeri               SW
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) caryae               SC, SE, NC, NE
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) cuauhtemoc       SC (Texas), Mexico
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) decipiens          SC, SE, NC, NE
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) discolor            SC, SE, NC, NE
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) essigi                SW, NW
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) hyatti                 SW, NW, Mexico
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) nearcticus         SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) sayi                   SW, SC, SE, NC (Nebraska)
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) snellingi            SC, SE
Camponotus (Myrmentoma) subbarbatus       SC, SE, NC, NE

White Haired Carpenter Ant, similar to Small Carpenter Ants (Myrmentoma) in shape and size but have many small white hairs all over the body.
Camponotus (Myrmobrachy) mina                SW (Arizona), Mexico
Camponotus (Myrmobrachy) planatus           SC, SE, Mexico

Bush Haired Carpenter Ant, which have bushy hairs all over the body and parts of the legs.
Camponotus (Myrmothorix) atriceps            SC, SE, Mexico

Door Ants! This is formerly a subgroup within the Camponotus genus. The spelling to three species names has changed slightly too. Major workers and queens to this genus all have flattened heads that are used to block entrances so other ants and unwanted pests can't enter. 
Colobopsis etiolata (etiolatus)                    SC, SE, Mexico
Colobopsis hunteri                                      SC (Texas)
Colobopsis impressa (impressus)              SC, SE, NC, NE
Colobopsis mississippiensis                      SC, SE, NC, NE
Colobopsis obliqua (obliquus)                   SE
Colobopsis papago                                     SW (Arizona) Mexico
Colobopsis pylartes                                    SC, SE

Formica(Exsecta) exsectoides                   SW, SC, SE, NC, NE
Formica(Exsecta) opaciventris                  SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Exsecta) ulkei                             NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) accreta                             SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) aerata                              SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) altipetens                         SW, NW, NC
Formica(Fusca) argentea                           SW, SE, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) canadensis                       SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Fusca) foreliana                          SW (Arizona)
Formica(Fusca) francoeuri                        SW (California)
Formica (Fusca) fuliginothorax                  (NW, NC, NE Canada)
Formica(Fusca) fusca                                Old World
Formica (Fusca) fusca marcida (see. F. subaenescens) SW, (Arizona)
Formica(Fusca) glacialis                         NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) gnava                              SW, SC
Formica(Fusca) hewitti                            SW, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) lepida                             SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) longipilosa                     SW (California)
Formica(Fusca) microphthalma               SW (California)
Formica(Fusca) moki                               SW (Arizona), NW
Formica(Fusca) montana                          SC, NW, NC
Formica(Fusca) neoclara                         SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) neorufibarbis                 SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) occulta                           SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) pacifica                          SW, NW
Formica (Fusca) podzolica                       AL, SW, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) sibylla                            SW (California, Nevada)
Formica(Fusca) subaenescens                  SW, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) subelongata                     SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) subpolita                        SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) subsericea                      SC, SE, NC, NE
Formica(Fusca) transmontanis                 SW, NW
Formica(Fusca) xerophila                        SW, NW

The Microgyna group is defined as follows: Workers are 3 to 9mm in length. Queens are shiny and never more than 5.5mm long, never larger than the largest workers in the colony. Bicolored with heads and mesosoma lighter than the gaster. From a side view the pronotum is evenly convex. All members of this group are social parasites of other Formica species.
Formica(Microgyna) adamsi                   SW, NW, NC
Formica(Microgyna) adamsi alpina        SW, SC, NW, NC
 Formica(Dikotensis) dakotensis                     SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) densiventris           SW, NW
Formica(Microgyna) difficilis                SE, NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) dirksi                    NE (Main)
Formica(Microgyna) impexa                  NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) indianensis           NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) knighti                   NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) microgyna             SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Microgyna) morsei                  NE (Massachusetts)
Formica(Microgyna) nepticula               NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) nevadensis            SW, NW
Formica(Microgyna) postoculata           NC, NE
Formica(Microgyna) querquetulana       SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Dikotensis) reflexa                           NC
Formica(Microgyna) spatulata               NW, NC
Formica(Microgyna) talbotae                NC, NE
Formica(Rufa) paralugubris                  NE (exotic)
Formica (Integra) aterrima                         SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) calviceps                       SW, SC
Formica (Integra) ciliata                            SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) coloradensis                  SW, NW
Formica (Integra) comata                           SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) criniventris                  SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) ferocula                          NC, NE (Illinois)
Formica (Integra) fossaceps                      SW, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) integra                           NC, NE
Formica (Integra) integroides                    SW, NW
Formica (Integra) laeviceps                      SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) lugubris                        AL, (NW, NC, NE Canada)
Formica (Integra) mucescens                    SW, SC, NE, NC
Formica (Integra) obscuripes                    SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) obscuriventris              SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Formica (Integra) oreas                            SW, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) planipilis                     SW, SC, NC
Formica (Integra) prociliata                     NE, NC
Formica (Integra) propinqua                     SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) ravida                           SW, NW, NC
Formica (Integra) subnitens                       SW, NW, NC
Formica(Neogagates) bradleyi              SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Neogagates) lasioides             SW, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Neogagates) limata                  SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Neogagates) manni                  SW, NW
Formica(Neogagates) neogagates          SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Neogagates) perpilosa            SW, SC, NW
Formica(Neogagates) vinculans            NC, NE
Formica(Pallidefulva) archboldi           SE (mostly Florida)
Formica(Pallidefulva) biophilica          SE, SC
Formica(Pallidefulva) dolosa                SE, SC, NE
Formica(Pallidefulva) incerta                SE, SC, NE, NC
Formica(Pallidefulva) pallidefulva        SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) aserva                    SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) creightoni               SC, NC, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) curiosa                   NW
Formica(Sanguinae) emeryi                    SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Sanguinae) gynocrates              SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) obtusopilosa           SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Sanguinae) pergandei                SE, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) puberula                  SW, SC, NW, NC
Formica(Sanguinae) rubicunda                SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) subintegra               SC, SE, NC, NE
Formica(Sanguinae) wheeleri                 SW, SC, NW, NC

Niger group correctly pronounced as nyjer and often misspelled as such when applied to bird seed because of it's close similarity to a racial slur. Black or brown colored workers, queens often darker. Diurnal surface foragers. Queens will found colonies in groups of 1 to several dozen, with the resulting workers eventually eliminating all but one of the queens.
Lasius (Niger)americanus (alienus)         SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Niger)crypticus                            SW, NW, NC
Lasius (Niger)neoniger                             SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Niger)niger                                  NW (Quebec), NE (Quebec)
Lasius (Niger)pallitarsis                           AL, SW, NW, NC, 
Lasius (Niger) ponderosae                       SW, NW 
Lasius (Niger)sitiens                                SW (Arizona)
Lasius (Niger)xerophilus                          SW

Flavus group (formerly Cautolasius) Orange or yellow colored workers, queens can be brown or pale orange, sometimes with a greenish-looking tinge. Queens will found colonies in groups of 1 to several dozen, with the resulting workers eventually eliminating all but one of the queens.
Lasius (Flavus)fallax                                SW, NW, NC
Lasius (Flavus)brevicornis (flavus)         SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Flavus)nearcticus                         SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE

Umbratus group (formerly Chthonolasius) Orange or yellow colored workers, queens vary in shades of black and brown, sometimes red or orange. Queens are social parasites of members of the Niger group, though it would not be surprising to find that any Lasius species would make a suitable host when founding a colony.
Lasius (Umbratus)atopus                          SW (California)
Lasius (Umbratus)humilis                         SW
Lasius (Umbratus)minutus                        SC, NE
Lasius (Umbratus)nevadensis                   SW (Nevada)
Lasius (Umbratus)speculiventris              SC, SE, NC, NE (New Jersey)
Lasius (Umbratus)subumbratus                 SW, NW
Lasius (Umbratus)aphidicola (umbratus) SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Umbratus)vestitus                        SW, NW

Claviger group formerly the genus Acanthomyops. Citronella ants get their name from the lemony odor they emit when disturbed. A few umbratus species do this too. Workers are always in the yellow/orange range with queens ranging from dark brown to red. Queens are social parasites of members of the Niger group, though it would not be surprising to find that any Lasius species would make a suitable host when founding a colony.
Lasius (Claviger)arizonicus                     SW
Lasius (Claviger)bureni                           NC (Wisconsin)
Lasius (Claviger)californicus                  SW
Lasius (Claviger)claviger                        SW, SC, SE, NC, NE
Lasius (Claviger)colei                             SW
Lasius (Claviger)coloradensis                 SW, NW, NC
Lasius (Claviger)creightoni                     SW, SC, NW, NC
Lasius (Claviger)interjectus                     SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Claviger)latipes                           SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Claviger)murphyi                        SW, SE, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Claviger)occidentalis                  SW, SC, NW, NC
Lasius (Claviger)plumopilosus                SE, NC, NE
Lasius (Claviger)pogonogynus                 SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Lasius (Claviger)pubescens                    NC (Minnesota)
Lasius (Claviger)subglaber                      SW, SC, SE, NC, NE

True Honeypot Ants: Workers are always orange or light brown in color with large eyes and are nocturnal foragers.
Myrmecocystus (Myrmecocystus) ewarti             SW (California)
Myrmecocystus (Myrmecocystus) navajo             SW, SC
Myrmecocystus (Myrmecocystus)testaceus          SW, NW

Small Honeypot Ants: Uniformly black or brown in color, with little if any pubescence. Forage during the day. 
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus) arenarius (snellingi)         SW (Nevada)
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus) colei                                 SW (California)
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus) creightoni                        SW (California)
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus)hammettensis                   SW, NW (Idaho)
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus)lugubris                            SW
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus)perimeces                        Mexico
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus)tenuinodis                        SW
Myrmecocystus (Eremnocystus) yuma                               SW

Large Honeypot Ants: Workers are either bicolored or rust toned. Erect hairs are abundant on the head and thorax. Forage during the day.
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) depilis                SW, SC
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) flaviceps             SW
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes)intonsus             Mexico
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes)kathjuli               SW (California)
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) kennedyi             SW, NW
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) koso                   SW
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes)melliger              SW, SC
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) mendax               SW, SC
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) mimicus              SW, SC
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) romainei             SW, SC
Myrmecocystus (Endiodioctes) wheeleri             SW (California)

Myrmelachista ramulorum                                    SE (Florida)

Nylanderia, all North American species of this genus used to be in the genus Paratrechina (John LaPolla, Seán Brady, and Steve Shattuck 2010). These are tiny ants that usually nesting among and foraging about leaf litter. Many species were imported from Asia by human commerce. It's not uncommon to find them nesting indoors, usually in green houses or indoor plants outside their normal range.
Nylanderia arenivaga                                           SW, SC, SE, NC
Nylanderia austroccidua                                      SW
Nylanderia bourbonica                                        HA, SE
Nylanderia bruesii                                                SW, SC
Nylanderia concinna                                             SE
Nylanderia faisonensis                                         SC, SE, NE
Nylanderia flavipes                                              NC, NE
Nylanderia fulva (Raspberry Crazy Ant)             SC, NE
Nylanderia guatemalensis                                    SC (Texas) SE
Nylanderia hystrix                                                SW
Nylanderia parvula                                               SC, SE, NC, NE
Nylanderia phantasma                                           SE (Florida)
Nylanderia pubens                                                SC (Texas) SE
Nylanderia steinheili                                            SE (Florida) WI
Nylanderia terricola                                             SW, SC, SE, NC
Nylanderia vaga                                                   HA, SE
Nylanderia vividula                                              SW, SC, SE, Mexico
Nylanderia wojciki                                               SE

Paratrechina: All but one new world species in this genus have been moved to Nylanderia (John LaPolla, Seán Brady, and Steve Shattuck 2010).
Paratrechina longicornis                                      HA, SW, SE
Plagiolepis alluaudi                                             HA, SW (California), SE (Florida)

Polyergus are specalized slave makers of specific Formica species. Queens also require host workers to found new colonies.
Polyergus bicolor (Formica subaenescen)           NC, NE
Polyergus breviceps                                             SW, SC, NW, NC
     (F. montana, F. cinerea, F. canadensis, F. altipetens, F. neoclara, F occulta)
Polyergus (lucidus) longicornis (F. dolosa)       SC, SE,
Polyergus (lucidus) lucidus (Formica incerta)   SE, NC, NE
Polyergus mexicanus (assorted Formica sp.)     SW, SC, NW, NC, NE (Ohio), Mexico
Polyergus montivagus (Formica pallidefulva)   SW (Colorado), SC, SE, NC, NE
Polyergus oligergus (Formica archboldi)          SE (Florida)
Polyergus ruber (Formica biophilica)                 SC, SE, NC
Polyergus sanwaldi (Formica dolosa)                 NC, NE
Polyergus vinosus (Formica moki)                     SW (California), Mexico
Prenolepis imparis                                             SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE

Subfamily Myrmicinae
Acromyrmex versicolor                                       SW, SC

Aphaenogaster ashmeadi                                      SE
Aphaenogaster boulderensis                                 SW, NW 
Aphaenogaster carbonaria                                    SW (California), Mexico
Aphaenogaster carolinensis                                  SE (Georgia)
Aphaenogaster flemingi                                        SE (Florida)
Aphaenogaster floridana                                       SE (Florida)
Aphaenogaster fulva                                             SC, SE, NC, NE
Aphaenogaster huachucana                                   SW
Aphaenogaster lamellidens                                  SE, NE
Aphaenogaster mariae                                          SC, SE, NC, NE
Aphaenogaster megommata                                  SW, NW
Aphaenogaster miamiana                                      SE (Florida)
Aphaenogaster mexicana                                     Mexico
Aphaenogaster mutica                                          NW, Mexico
Aphaenogaster occidentalis                                  SW, NW, NC (Nebraska)
Aphaenogaster patruelis                                       SW (California)
Aphaenogaster picea                                            SE, NC, NE
Aphaenogaster punctaticeps                                  SW, SC
Aphaenogaster rudis                                             SC, SE, NC, NE
Aphaenogaster tennesseensis                                SC, SE, NC, NE
Aphaenogaster texana                                           SW, SC, SE, NC, NE
Aphaenogaster treatae                                          SE, SC, NE, NC
Aphaenogaster uinta                                             SW, NW
Aphaenogaster umphreyi                                      SE (Florida)

Atta mexicana                                                       SW (Arizona)
Atta texana                                                            SC (Texas)

Cardiocondyla emeryi                                          HA, SE, Mexico
Cardiocondyla kagutsuchi                                    HA
Cardiocondyla mauritanica                                  SW, SC
Cardiocondyla minutior                                       HA, SW, SE, Costa Rico
Cardiocondyla obscurior                                     HA, SE, Mexico, Costa Rico
Cardiocondyla venustula                                      HA, SE, Mexico
Cardiocondyla wroughtonii                                  HA, SE

Carebara longii                                                     SC (Texas)

Cephalotes rohweri                                              SW (Arizona)
Cephalotes texanus                                               SC (Texas)
Cephalotes varians                                               SE (Florida)

Crematogaster ashmeadi                                       SE, SC
Crematogaster atkinsoni (see C. pilosa)              SE (Florida)
Crematogaster browni                                          SW (Arizona)
Crematogaster californica                                    SW (California)
Crematogaster cerasi                                            SE, SC, NE, NC
Crematogaster coarctata                                       SW (California)
Crematogaster colei                                             SW, SC
Crematogaster corvina (new)                              SC, (Texas) Mexico
Crematogaster crinosa                                          SC (Texas)
Crematogaster dentinodis                                     SW, SC
Crematogaster depilis                                           SW (California) 
Crematogaster detecta (new)                                SW
Crematogaster distans                                           SC (Texas) Mexico
Crematogaster emeryana                                       SW, SC
Crematogaster hespera                                         SW (California)
Crematogaster isolata                                           SW, SC
Crematogaster laeviuscula                                    SC, NC
Crematogaster larreae                                          SC (Texas)
Crematogaster lineolata                                        SC, SE, NC, NE
Crematogaster marioni                                          SW (California)
Crematogaster minutissima                                   SE (Florida)
Crematogaster missuriensis                                  SE (Florida)
Crematogaster mormonum (see C. coarctata)     SW (California)
Crematogaster mutans                                           SW (California)
Crematogaster navajoa                                         SW, SC
Crematogaster nocturna                                        SW, SC
Crematogaster obscurata                                      SE (Florida)
Crematogaster opaca                                            SW (Arizona) Mexico to Honduras
Crematogaster opuntiae                                        SW (Arizona)
Crematogaster pilosa                                            SE (Florida)
Crematogaster pinicola                                        SE (Florida)
Crematogaster punctulata                                     SC
Crematogaster rifelna                                           SC (Texas)
Crematogaster smithi (see C. missouriensis)       SW, SC
Crematogaster torosa                                            SW (Arizona)
Crematogaster vermiculata                                   SE (Florida) 
Crematogaster vetusta sp. nov. (new)                   SC

Cyphomyrmex flavidus                                         SW (California)
Cyphomyrmex minutus                                          SE (Florida)
Cyphomyrmex rimosus                                          SE, SC
Cyphomyrmex wheeleri                                        SW (California)

Dolopomyrmex pilatus                                         SW

Eurhopalothrix floridana                                      SE (Florida)
This genus is considered by some to be a junior synonym of the genus Basiceros, which does not occur much farther than Nicaragua in North America.
Formicoxenus chamberlini                                   SW, NW
Formicoxenus diversipilosus                               NW (Washington)
Formicoxenus hirticornis                                     NW, NC
Formicoxenus provancheri                                   NE (Connecticut)
Formicoxenus quebecensis                                  NE

Harpagoxenus canadensis                                    NE

Leptothorax acervorum                                        AL
Leptothorax athabasca                                         NW
Leptothorax calderoni                                           SW (California)
Leptothorax canadensis                                         AL, NW, SW
Leptothorax crassipilis                                         SW, SC, NW, NC
Leptothorax faberi                                                ? NW, NC, NE
Leptothorax paraxenus                                          ? NW, NC, NE
Leptothorax pocahontas                                        ? NW, NC, NE
Leptothorax retractus                                            SW, NW, NC, NE
Leptothorax sphagnicola                                      Canada
Leptothorax wilsoni                                             AL, Canada

Manica bradleyi                                                   SW (California)
Manica hunteri                                                     NW
Manica invidia                                                     SW, NW
Manica parasitica                                                 SW (California)

Messor (see Veromessor)

Monomorium cyaneum                                          SW, SC
Monomorium ebeninum                                        SE (Florida), Mexico, WI
Monomorium emarginatum                                   NE
Monomorium emersoni (see M. cyaneum)           SW (Arizona)
Monomorium ergatogyna                                      SW
Monomorium floricola                                         HA, SE (Florida)
Monomorium liliuokalanii                                   HA
Monomorium minimum                                         SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE, Mexico
Monomorium pergandei                                       NE,
Monomorium pharaonis                                       HA, SW, SE, NW, Mexico
Monomorium sechellense                                    HA
Monomorium talbotae                                          SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Monomorium trageri                                             SW, NE
Monomorium viridum (formerly M. viride)         SW, NE

(Formerly Trachymyrmex speceis)
Mycetomoellerius jamaicensis                                   SE (Florida), WI
Mycetomoellerius turrifex                                          SC (Texas)

Mycetosoritis hartmanni                                       SW, SC, SE

Myrmecina americana                                          SW, SC, SE

Myrmica alaskensis                                              AL
Myrmica americana                                              SW, NC, NE
Myrmica brevispinosa                                         AL, SW, NW, NC
Myrmica colax                                                     SC (Texas)
Myrmica crassirugis                                             SW, SC
Myrmica detritinodis                                            SE, NC
Myrmica discontinua                                            SW (California)
Myrmica emeryana (see M. latifrons)                 SE (North Carolina)
Myrmica fracticornis                                           NE
Myrmica glacialis                                                SW (California)
Myrmica hamulata                                                SW, SC
Myrmica incompleta                                             SW, NW
Myrmica lampra (inquilin of M. alaskensis)        AL
Myrmica latifrons                                                 SW, NC, NE
Myrmica lobifrons                                               AL
Myrmica monticola                                              NC
Myrmica nearctica                                               SW, SC, NW, NC (Colorado)
Myrmica pinetorum                                              SC, NC, NE
Myrmica punctinops                                             SW (California)
Myrmica punctiventris                                          SE, NC, NE
Myrmica quebecensis                                           Canada
Myrmica rubra                                                     NW, (NC), NE
Myrmica rugiventris                                             SE
Myrmica semiparasitica                                       SC, SE, NC, NE
Myrmica spatulata                                                SC
Myrmica striolagaster                                           SW (Arizona)
Myrmica tahoensis                                                SW
Myrmica wheeleri                                                SW (Arizona)
Myrmica wheelerorum                                         SW, SC
Myrmica whymperi (see M. incompleta)             AL, NW

Nesomyrmex wilda                                               SC (Texas)

(Formerly members of Aphaenogaster)
Novomessor ensifer                                             Mexico
Novomessor albisetosa                                        SW
Novomessor cockerelli                                        SW, SC, Mexico

Pheidole in the New World: A Dominant, Hyperdiverse Ant Genus
Pheidole absurda                                                  SC (Texas)
Pheidole adrianoi                                                 SE (Florida)
Pheidole artemisia (see Ph. pilifera)                    SW, NW (Utah)
Pheidole aurea                                                      SC (Texas)
Pheidole barbata                                                   SW (California)
Pheidole bicarinata                                               SW, SC, SE, NE
Pheidole bureni                                                    SC (Texas)
Pheidole californica                                             SW, NW
Pheidole carrolli                                                   SE (Florida)
Pheidole casta                                                       SC (Texas)
Pheidole cavigenis                                               SW (Arizona)
Pheidole cerebrosior                                            SW (New Mexico)
Pheidole ceres                                                      SW
Pheidole clementensis                                          SW (California)
Pheidole clydei                                                     SW
Pheidole cockerelli                                              SW
Pheidole coloradensis (see Ph. pilifera)               SW, SC, NW, NC (Colorado)
Pheidole constipata                                              SC (Texas), Mexico
Pheidole crassicornis                                           SW, SE
Pheidole creightoni                                               SW
Pheidole davisi                                                    SE, NE
Pheidole dentata                                                   SC, SE, NE
Pheidole dentigula                                                SC, SE, NE
Pheidole desertorum                                            SW
Pheidole diversipilosa                                         SW, SE
Pheidole elecebra                                                SW, SC, NW, NC (Colorado)
Pheidole fervens                                                  HA, SW (California)
Pheidole flavens                                                  Mexico
Pheidole floridana                                                SC, SE
Pheidole furtiva                                                    SW (Arizona)
Pheidole gilvescens                                              SW (Nevada)
Pheidole grundmanni                                            SW, NW (Utah)
Pheidole hoplitica                                                SC (Texas)
Pheidole humeralis                                               SC (Texas)
Pheidole hyatti                                                     SW
Pheidole indica (teneriffana)                                HA, SW (California)
Pheidole inquilina                                                NC (Nebraska)
Pheidole juniperae                                               SW (Arizona)
Pheidole lamia                                                     SC, SE
Pheidole littoralis                                                 SE (Florida)
Pheidole macclendoni                                          SC (Texas)
Pheidole marcidula                                              SW, SC
Pheidole megacephala                                          SW, SE, WI, Mexico
Pheidole mera                                                       SC (Texas)
Pheidole metallescens                                          SC, SE
Pheidole micula                                                    SW
Pheidole militicida                                               SW
Pheidole morrisii                                                  SC, SE
Pheidole navigans (Ph. moerens dubeous)         HA, NW, SW, SC, SE, WI
Pheidole nuculiceps                                              SC (Texas)
Pheidole obscurithorax                                         SC, SE
Pheidole obtusospinosa                                        SW (Arizona)
Pheidole pacifica (see Ph. pilifera)                       SW (California)
Pheidole paiute                                                     SW
Pheidole pelor                                                      SC (Texas)
Pheidole perpilosa                                               SW (Arizona)
Pheidole pilifera                                                  SW, SC, NW, NC, NE
Pheidole pilosior                                                  SC (Texas)
Pheidole pinealis                                                  SC (Texas)
Pheidole porcula                                                  SC (Texas)
Pheidole portalensis                                             SW (Arizona)
Pheidole psammophila                                        Mexico
Pheidole rhea                                                       SW (Arizona)
Pheidole rufescens (see Ph. soritis)                     SC
Pheidole rugulosa                                                 SW (New Mexico)
Pheidole sciara                                                     SW (New Mexico)
Pheidole sciophila                                                SW
Pheidole senex                                                     SW, SC, NW, NC
Pheidole sitiens                                                    SC (Texas)
Pheidole soritis                                                    SW, SC
Pheidole spadonia                                                SW (Arizona)
Pheidole tepicana                                                 SW, SC
Pheidole tetra                                                       SC
Pheidole texana                                                    SC (Texas)
Pheidole titanis                                                     SW (Arizona)
Pheidole tysoni                                                     SW, SE, NE
Pheidole vallicola                                                SW (Arizona)
Pheidole virago                                                    SW (Arizona)
Pheidole vistana                                                   SW (California), Mexico
Pheidole xerophila                                               SW
Pheidole yaqui                                                     SW (California)

Pogonomyrmex anergismus                                  SW (New Mexico)
Pogonomyrmex anzensis                                       SW (California)
Pogonomyrmex apache                                         SW, SC
Pogonomyrmex badius                                          SC, SE
Pogonomyrmex barbatus                                      SW, SC
Pogonomyrmex bicolor                                        SW (Arizona), Mexico
Pogonomyrmex bigbendensis                               SC (Texas)
Pogonomyrmex brevispinosus                              SW (California)
Pogonomyrmex californicus                                 SW, SC, Mexico
Pogonomyrmex colei                                            SW (Nevada)
Pogonomyrmex comanche                                     SC
Pogonomyrmex desertorum                                  SW, SC, Mexico
Pogonomyrmex hoelldobleri                                 SW
Pogonomyrmex huachucanus                                SW (Arizona)
Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus                               SW, SC, Mexico
Pogonomyrmex magnacanthus                              SW (California)
Pogonomyrmex maricopa                                     SW, SC
Pogonomyrmex montanus                                     SW (California)
Pogonomyrmex occidentalis                                 SW, SC, NW
Pogonomyrmex pima                                            SW (Arizona)
Pogonomyrmex rugosus                                        SW, SC
Pogonomyrmex salinus                                         SW, NW
Pogonomyrmex subdentatus                                  SW
Pogonomyrmex subnitidus                                    SW (California)
Pogonomyrmex tenuispinus                                   SW (California)
Pogonomyrmex texanus                                         SC (Texas)

Rogeria creightoni                                                SC, Mexico
Rogeria foreli                                                      WI
Solenopsis abdita                                                 SE (Florida)
Solenopsis amblychila                                          SW
Solenopsis aurea                                                  SW, SC
Solenopsis carolinensis                                        SE, NE
Solenopsis corticalis                                           Mexico, WI
Solenopsis geminata                                             SC, SE, Mexico, WI
Solenopsis globularia                                           SC, SE
Solenopsis invicta                                                SW, SC, SE
Solenopsis krockowi                                            SW (Arizona)
Solenopsis molesta                                               SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Solenopsis nickersoni                                           SE (Florida)
Solenopsis papuana                                             HA
Solenopsis pergandei                                           SE (Florida)
Solenopsis phoretica                                            SE (Florida), WI
Solenopsis picta                                                   SC, SE, NE
Solenopsis pilosula                                             Mexico
Solenopsis puncticeps                                          SC (Texas)
Solenopsis richteri                                               SC, SE (Mississippi)
Solenopsis salina                                                 SW (California)
Solenopsis subterranea                                         SC, Mexico, WI
Solenopsis tennesseensis                                      SW, SE
Solenopsis texana                                                 SC, SE, NE
Solenopsis texana catalinae                                  ? (SC, SE, NE) ?
Solenopsis tonsa                                                   SE (Florida)
Solenopsis truncorum                                           SW, SC, SE
Solenopsis validiuscula                                        SW (Nevada)
Solenopsis xyloni                                                 SW, SC

Stenamma brevicorne                                          SW, SC, SE, NC, NE
Stenamma californicum                                        SW (California)
Stenamma chiricahua                                            SW (Arizona)
Stenamma diecki                                                  SW, NW
Stenamma dyscheres                                             SW (California)
Stenamma exasperatum                                         SW (California)
Stenamma fovolocephalum                                   SC (Mississippi)
Stenamma heathi                                                   SW (California)
Stenamma huachucanum                                       SW, SC, Mexico
Stenamma impar                                                   NE
Stenamma meridionale                                          SC, SE, NE
Stenamma punctatoventre                                     SW, NW
Stenamma schmittii                                               SE, NE
Stenamma sequoiarum                                          SW, NW
Stenamma smithi                                                   SW (California)
Stenamma snellingi                                               SW, NW
Stenamma wheelerorum                                       SW (Nevada)

(Formerly Pyramica)
Strumigenys abdita                                               SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys angulata                                            SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys apalachicolensis                               SE (Florida)
Strumigenys archboldi                                          SE (Florida)
Strumigenys arizonica                                           SW (Arizona)
Strumigenys bimarginata                                      NC (Illinois)
Strumigenys boltoni                                              SE (Florida)
Strumigenys bunki                                                 SE, NE
Strumigenys californica                                        SW (California)
Strumigenys carolinensis                                      SE, NE
Strumigenys chiricahua                                         SW (Arizona)
Strumigenys cloydi                                               SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys clypeata                                            SE (Florida)
Strumigenys creightoni                                          SC, SE
Strumigenys deyrupi                                             SE (Florida)
Strumigenys dietrichi                                            SC, SE
Strumigenys eggersi                                              SE (Florida), Mexico, WI
Strumigenys filirrhina                                           SE, NE
Strumigenys filitalpa                                            SC (Arkansas)
Strumigenys gundlachi                                          SE (Florida), Mexico, WI
Strumigenys hexamera                                          SC, SE
Strumigenys hyalina                                             NC, NE
Strumigenys inopina                                              SE (Florida)
Strumigenys laevinasis                                         SC, SE
Strumigenys margaritae                                        SC, SE, Mexico, WI
Strumigenys membranifera                                   HA, SC, SE
Strumigenys memorialis                                       SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys metazytes                                          SC (Louisiana)
Strumigenys missouriensis                                   SC, SE
Strumigenys ohioensis                                          SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys ornata                                               SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys pergandei                                         SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys pilinasis                                           SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys pulchella                                           SE, NE
Strumigenys reflexa                                              SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys reliquia                                             SW (Florida)
Strumigenys rohweri                                             SE (Mississippi)
Strumigenys rostrata                                             SC, SE, NE
Strumigenys talpa                                                 SC, SE, NC, NE
Strumigenys wrayi                                                SE (Florida)
Strumigenys boneti                                               SC (Texas), Mexico
Strumigenys emmae                                              HA, SE (Florida)
Strumigenys godeffroyi                                        HA
Strumigenys lewisi                                               HA
Strumigenys lanuginosa                                        SE (Florida), Mexico, WI
Strumigenys louisianae                                         SC, SE, Mexico, WI
Strumigenys rogeri                                               HA, SE (Florida), WI
Strumigenys silvestrii                                          SW, SC, SE, Mexico, WI

Syscia augustae                                                   SW, SC, Mexico

Temnothorax (Myrafant) adustus                          SW, SC, Mexico
Temnothorax allardycei                                        SE (Florida)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) ambiguus                  NE
Temnothorax americanus                                      SC, SE, NC, NE
*slave making ant of T. ambiguous, T, curvipinosus, and T. longispinosus
Temnothorax anaphalantus                                    SW
Temnothorax (Myrafant) andersoni                       SC (Texas)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) andrei                       SW, NW
Temnothorax arboreus                                          SW
Temnothorax (Myrafant) bestelmeyeri                  SW (New Mexico)
Temnothorax bradleyi                                           SC, SE
Temnothorax (Myrafant) bristoli                          SC (Texas)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) carinatus                   SC (Texas)
Temnothorax caguatan                                          SW
Temnothorax (Myrafant) chandleri                       SW (California)
Temnothorax (Myrafant) cokendolpheri               SW (New Mexico)
Temnothorax (Myrafant) coleenae                        SW (New Mexico)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) curvispinosus            SC, SE, NC, NE
Temnothorax (Mychothorax) duloticus                 NC
Temnothorax (Myratant) emmae                           SW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) furunculus                 SW, SC, NW, NC
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) gallae                        SW (California)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) hispidus                    SC (Texas)
Temnothorax (Myrafant) josephi                          SW
Temnothorax (Myrafant) liebi                              SC (Texas)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) longispinosus            SE, NE, SC, NC
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) minutissimus             SE, NC, NE
Temnothorax morongo                                          SW
Temnothorax myrmiciformis                                 SW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) neomexicanus           SW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) nevadensis                SW, NW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) nitens                        SW, SC, NW
Temnothorax nuwuvi                                             SW
Temnothorax (Myrafant) obliquicanthus               SW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) obturator                   SC (Texas)
Temnothorax (Myrafant) oxynodis                        SW (California)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) palustris                    SE
Temnothorax paiute                                              SW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) pergandei                  SW, SC, SE
Temnothorax (Leptothorax?) politus                     SW
Temnothorax pseudandrei                                     SW
Temnothorax quasimodo                                      SW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) rudis                         SW, NW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) rugatulus                   SW, NW
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) schaumii                    SE, NE
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) schmittii                    SW (Colorado), Mexico
Temnothorax silvestrii                                          SW (Arizona)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) smithi                        SC, SE
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) stenotyle                   SW (Arizona)
Temnothorax subditivus                                        SC (Texas), Mexico
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) terrigena                    SC (Texas)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) texanus                      SE (Florida)
Temnothorax (Antillaemyrmex) torrei                  SE (Florida)
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) tricarinatus                SW, SC, NW, NC
Temnothorax (Leptothorax) tuscaloosae               SC, SE
Temnothorax wardi                                               SW
Temnothorax (Myrafant) whitfordi                       SW
Tetramorium atratulus (formerly Anergates)          SE, SC, NE, NC
Tetramorium bicarinatum                                                         HA, SW, SC, SE, WI
Tetramorium immigrans (formerly caespitum, species E.)      SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Tetramorium caldarium                                                            HA, SE
Tetramorium hispidum                                                              SW (Arizona)
Tetramorium insolens                                                               HA, SW (California)
Tetramorium lanuginosum                                                         SW, Mexico
Tetramorium pacificum                                                             SW (California), SE (Florida)
Tetramorium simillimum                                                          HA, SE (Florida), WI
Tetramorium spinosum                                                             SW, SC
Tetramorium tonganum                                                             HA
Tetramorium tsushimae                                                              SC, SE, NC

Trachymyrmex arizonensis                                   SW (Arizona)
Trachymyrmex carinatus                                       SW, SC, Mexico
Trachymyrmex desertorum                                   SW (Arizona)
Trachymyrmex smithi                                            SC
Trachymyrmex nogalensis                                     SW (Arizona)
Trachymyrmex septentrionalis                              SW, SC, SE, NC, NE
(Formerly Monomorium destructor)
Trichomyrmex destructor                                     HA, SE, NE
Veromessor andrei                                                SW (California)
Veromessor chamberlini                                       SW (California)
Veromessor chicoensis                                         SW (California)
Veromessor lariversi                                            SW (Nevada)
Veromessor lobognathus                                       SW, SC
Veromessor pergandei                                          SW, SC
Veromessor smithi                                                SW
Veromessor stoddardi                                           SW (California), Mexico

Vollenhovia emeryi                                               SE, NE
Wasmannia auropunctata                                      HA, SE (Florida) Mexico, WI

Xenomyrmex floridanus                                        SE (Florida)

Subfamily Ponerinae
Ants in this subfamily can produce both wingless and winged queens.
Anochetus mayri                                                   SE (Florida)

Brachyponera chinensis                                        SE, NE

Cryptopone gilva                                                  SC, SE
Hypoponera gleadowi                                          ?
Hypoponera inexorata                                          SW, SC, SE
Hypoponera opaciceps                                        HA, SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, WI
Hypoponera opacior                                             SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE
Hypoponera punctatissima                                   HA, SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE, WI
Hypoponera zwaluwenburgi                                HA

Leptogenys elongata                                             SC, SE, Mexico
Leptogenys falcigera                                            HA
Leptogenys manni                                                SE

Neoponera villosa                                                SC (Texas), Mexico

Odontomachus brunneus                                       SE, SC, Mexico, WI
Odontomachus clarus                                            SW, SC, Mexico
Odontomachus haematodus                                   SW, SC, S, Mexico, WI
Odontomachus relictus                                         SE (Florida)
Odontomachus ruginodis                                      SC, SE, Mexico, WI

Pachycondyla harpax                                            SC, Mexico

Platythyrea punctata                                              SC, SE, Mexico, WI

Ponera exotica                                                      SC, SE, Mexico
Ponera pennsylvanica                                           SW, SC, SE, NW, NC, NE, Mexico
Ponera swezeyi                                                    HA

Pseudoponera stigma                                            SE, Mexico, WI

Subfamily Proceratiinae
Discothyrea testacea                                             SE, NE

Proceratium californicum                                     SW (California)
Proceratium chickasaw                                         SC, SE
Proceratium compitale                                          SC (Texas), Mexico
Proceratium crassicorne                                       SE, NE
Proceratium creek                                                 SC, SE
Proceratium croceum                                            SC, SE
Proceratium pergandei                                          SC, SE, NC, NE
Proceratium silaceum                                           SC, SE, NC, NE

Subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae
Pseudomyrmex apache                                         SW, SC
Pseudomyrmex caeciliae                                     SC (Texas), Mexico
Pseudomyrmex cubaensis                                     SE (Florida)
Pseudomyrmex ejectus                                          SE, SC, NE (Maryland), Mexico
Pseudomyrmex elongatus                                     SE (Florida), SC (Texas) Mexico, WI
Pseudomyrmex gracilis                                        HA, SC, SE, Mexico, WI
Pseudomyrmex leptosus                                       SE (Florida)
Pseudomyrmex pallidus                                       SW, SC, SE, Mexico
Pseudomyrmex seminole                                      SC, SE, Mexico
Pseudomyrmex simplex                                        SE (Florida), Mexico