Saturday, March 16, 2024

Easter Wildflowers

Crocuses coming up in the yard. This is under our bird feeder where I initially planted a pack of ~25 of these all spread out in a ring many years ago. Today each one of those bulbs has divided into a clump just like this one. I count about 56 flowers here. 

This is an early source of pollen and nectar for our honeybees but we had such a warm winter that other options have peaked their interest. Still, it's good to have options to fall back on. 

A hyacinth from one of many Easter Plantings. I wish I could grow more of these but the squirrels and more recently rats that inhabit our yard think they're delicious so I rarely get them to come back each year. This one surprised me with how many flowers it has on it. Normally when last year's hyacinths come up again they don't have anywhere near as many flowers so this one is doing something right. 

A "Pix Zee" Peach Tree which is a super dwarf patio tree that only gets ~6 feet at most. I grow this in a pot and move it around wherever I need a pop of pink in the spring. They are self pollinating but stone fruits don't do well in my yard thanks to squirrels picking them off the tree long long long before they're anywhere near ripe. 

Daffodils in the front side garden. I like this mix of white, orange, and yellow but wish I'd mixed them up a bit more instead of planted them in rows.