Saturday, June 5, 2010

Missed Opertunity

For a couple of months now the Twinleaf, Jeffersonia diphylla, had been growing an acorn-like seed pod. I'd noticed recently it was growing softer.

Well I found today the pod had apparently exploded open while pointed straight down.

While I'd like to imagen this happened like a gun shot, the seed pod probably just split open. The seeds (popcorn like in appearance) I've found to be incredibly slippery. I have troubles picking them up with my fingers and often end up shooting them about.

On the lower right side here a small packet of elaiosome. It's supposed to attract ants which then attempt drag it home. Unfortunately I don't see how that could happen here. The seed is so enormous compared to the reward it's offering. It's hard to imagen an ant willing the carry the load of the seed rather than just removing the elaiosome itself.