Sunday, June 20, 2010

Public Bee Feeding is Wrong

I hope this demonstrates why I hate public feeding. This is a hummingbird feeder that lacks guards on the tube openings. The reasonably short tongue of the honey bee (compared to a hummingbird) can easily reach in and take the nectar/sugar water. I'm all for feeding bees and providing nectar sources but public feeding isn't the answer. There are bees tumbling over one another, and fighting to get at the nectar. I witnessed some actually stinging their fellow bees to death. As fall draws near, assorted wasps and hornets who are more suited to aggression show up to the dog pile. They make special feeders that attach right onto the honey bee hive so this public feeding isn't necessary.

Hummingbird feeders with guards on them still get some attention but it isn't the open buffet as seen above. Your hummingbirds will thank you too.