Friday, April 2, 2010

Down to Business

Oh My! 


Ok I don't think they're doing it right but then again I'm not a bee. Considering they're only a few days old they're pretty advanced. 

Females started hatching today. (though I think this one pictured is a larger male.) And they were immediately courted by males who ... well, two pictures up. None of them fly very far from the container of cocoons. I see them buzzing all around the perimeter of the house and our fence, probably my neighbors yards' too. A few were checking out a hole to a giant carpenter bee. I watched a few enter, in search of females probably, but they were quickly shewed out by a very large and angry carpenter bee. All of this happens at the perfect time of year, as my blueberry bushes and assorted fruit trees begin to flower. Yay Bees.