Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prenolepis imparis still working

Prenolepis imparis workers (The Winter Ant) foraging along a shady flower bed. The one is carrying something I can't identify though.

It's either sap from the nearby pine tree or elaiosome from the violet seeds growing in the garden bed.

Whatever the case, P. imparis is just about the only ant we're going to see on cool days. They can forage in temperatures just above freezing out which is more then a lot of other species can say.

This ant is so recognizable that I was able to make it out in The Green House's latest episode on Beekeeping. Knowing that this is one of those ants small enough and in love with sugar enough that they regularly feed on beehive feeders helped with the ID too. You can occasionally make the ants out walking along the side of his hive. It's also a neat video, enjoy!