Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chicken Coop Anyone?

This seems like a nice compact way of raising chickens.

Now if only it wasn't five hundred dollars. I'm sure it could be built for much less but it's a neat design to keep in mind when designing a coop.

We used to have a rooster back when my dad did Animal Control. Actually we had two but they were on separate occasions. They're a lot bigger then I was expecting and they actually did the rooster cry in the early morning hours. But it lacked the alarm clock quality I came to expect. (Our neighbors may have had a different experience though.) Maybe he was just defective.

Our cats were fascinated at first by the giant bird. I recall our youngest cat at the time actually jumping on top of the bird and biting down. This may have been effective had the cat actually managed to get onto of the bird or gone for it's neck. As it was though the juvenile kitten was only a fourth the bird's size. The Rooster quickly beat poor Buddy to the ground squawking ensued as the he was chased out of the yard. Buddy stopped after crawling under the fence thinking he was safe. The Rooster flew up onto our fence and continued the chase into the front yard.

We found him moments later clawing at the front door to get in. The Rooster slowly came into view down the driveway with his beak in a threatening hiss-like pose.

We kept the Rooster for a few weeks until my dad found a suitable home for it. A farm or animal shelter I imagen. A lot of the shelters here seem to have collections of odd animals. Peacocks, and Horses are at the bottom of the list. Exotic Snakes, Chinchillas, and Alligators are more commonly encountered then you would expect. Coming home to find a baby Alligator in our bathtub was another thrill but uneventful.

We had a Turkey once too. I don't know how but I believe it needed to be rescued or removed from someone's home or something like that. So my dad brought it home and put it in our dog kennel/cage. It's was a 12 by 9 area with a doghouse in it, of fenced in area with no roof. Having never had a turkey before we didn't realize it could simply fly out. Despite dragging a gowned of tail feathers behind it they can fly incredible distances.

My dad and I were doing things outside when we realized the bird was now on top of the doghouse. "How did he jump that high?" I recall one of us saying. We went back to doing whatever and next I recall hearing a tree branch loudly rustling from the Willow Oak right above the cage. "Where did the bird go?" I recall saying.

The turkey, now having enough elevation to take flew from the trees and over our neighbors privacy fence. It's wings flapped now flapping, my dad and I watched in awe as the bird started gliding two blocks over before finally crashing into the dark thatch of a 60 foot tall evergreen. It's branches shook as if massive gale of wind had struck the tree.

I ran to the person's house while my dad got into his Animal Control Vehicular. He needed to load up some things quickly so I arrived at the house first. "Uhh there is a Turkey in your tree." I said laughing at how stupid it sounded. The owner rolled his eyes (I think) and closed the door. I don't think he believed me. Having told him though, I went right into his backyard. The tree was somewhat unique so my dad had no trouble finding the place. He showed up with a ladder and a control pole. The Owner of the house eventually came outside when he saw my dad prodding his tree. The Turkey within, clumsily bumbled it's way down and went quietly after that.