Tuesday, November 3, 2009

City Life?

I don't understand how people live in the city. I visited my Cousin's house in PA today and they have a spacious apartment/condo/home, I'm not really sure on the correct term to their home. Basically you walk into a living room with a stair way infront of you. Behind the living room is the dinning room and behind that is the kitchen. Beyond that is their "yard" which is a closed in space with a door leading back out to the street. It's more like a place to park a bike. There is not lawn, just potted plants. Most of what they're growing are trees. I had no idea people could live this way.

They could plant an herb garden but really potted plants are the limit of their growing ability.

It just makes me want to garden and work the land I have even more. I've decided next year I'll be planting another 5 fruit trees. I'm even toying with the crazy idea of making one of those a hardy banana tree. How I'm going to make a banana tree blend in with my native landscape though is going to be tricky though.

While touring the city I saw an attempt to grow some trees. Sadly they just don't work though. Their idea of growing trees is removing a tile of sidewalk and put a sapling in the ground. Most of these are dwarf sized flowering trees that no one seems to be caring for. The tree planting process seems to have failed on a lot of streets. With what few roads I went down I really though what a waste planting trees here was. People don't care about them. Out front of one home there was a stump someone was using like a cup holder.