Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nothing Special

I'll be honest I haven't done much with Ants, Bees, Butterflies, or stepped out doors to see Nature in a while.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel though, I've fed my ant colonies. I don't think I'll be hibernating them as this room gets pretty cold at night as it is.

As far as bees go, my order of mason bee tubes from Knox has arrived. My Honey Bee hives outside seem to be doing fine. On warm days they're still active anyhow, but I should probably sneak a peak inside them.

Haven't seen a Butterfly in weeks but I do have an overwintering caterpillar on our Passion Flower Vine. I'm probably living right on the norther most boundary of it's range before the plant becomes an annual though.

Nature; I've been enjoying the fall colors but they've all but vanished now. While walking the dog I see people doing the craziest things with their leaves. There is more then one home I'm sad to say that has been so brainwashed by old landscaping habits that they have setup compost bins by the street... And I don't understand these people one little bit. Their neighbors rake leaves up in a neat little piles by the curb to be picked up, they're taken by whoever does that. But these people have four steaks in the ground that holds a net so the leaves don't blow away... despite the fact that there are piles of leaves around them not going anywhere. I'm at such a loss of words. I want to yell at these people in passing and tell them to compost in the backyard. It's not like they don't already have the bin for it. I think these people grow giant pods under their bed.