Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is one of the best pictures I've taken. Normally I'm bored out of my mind to take picture of honey bees. Hover flies I growing tired of too. Flower in general I always try to get pictures of when they're in use. Otherwise it's like looking at a box of fireworks rather than fireworks exploding in the air.

I'm not particularly partial to the color pink, but I have to marvel at the sheer amount of color in this shot. The saturation in incredible and that can be very hard to capture. Ask someone to make a color with lots of saturation. If they start mix colors then they're doing something wrong. You can do all you want to a color but it will never be as saturated as it was when you first opened the tube of paint. Adding white will make it paler, adding black will make it darker, adding any other color will only remove saturation.