Monday, July 20, 2009

Found a Tomato Hornworm

Well apparently I didn't need to buy them at the store, see my earlier Post. Today I was around the actual tomato garden where I have some heirloom varieties planted. And we have cardboard laid down because torpedo grass has taken over the bed and it's imposable to be rid of. So suddenly I notice one of the plants was slightly nibbled, then I herd something hit the cardboard below. I look down and immediately recognize it as caterpillar dung. After a moment my eyes homed in on a Tomato Hornworm. I took some pictures but they're still on my camera.

What's odd about this is it's just a single caterpillar. It's hard to believe that out of 6 healthy tomato plants only one would make it. And it's fairly developed too, nearing it's last instar. There isn't enough damage at all to account for several caterpillars. So I'm wondering if my neighbor has tomatoes growing on the other side of the fence. Maybe she tossed one my way or it otherwise found it's way on my side... Oh well.

Hopefully I'll get a few hummingbird moths out of this in the end.