Saturday, January 30, 2010

Correction and a Video

Yesterday's post may have been worded a little funny. I implied that TyTy nursery ONLY had videos on their site. They do have all the basic info of course such as what zone the plant can be grown in and watering, light, and so on. I was writing in a way to try and try and capture a pleasant moment or realization. I've since edited the post to clear this up, and I am sorry. And now onto the topic at hand.

OH HA! Found It! In the recent show of Ant Chat, titled Plant Chat, I kept finding some type of caterpillar in all my cone, and sunflowers. Well I've discovered a nice little video, actually more like a series of videos, that names them! In this video the host refers to them as The Sunflower Moth. And while I don't deny the existance of a moth with a common name of Sunflower Moth I have to say there are a couple thousand species in the US and EVERY ONE OF THEM has a common name. This is the sort of thing that strains even the Google Search Engine. The best I could do for now is find a family name Geometridae from And that's good enough for me... for now.