Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Philadelphia Flower Show Coming Soon

This year's theme is "Passports to the World"

The flower show is something I always look forward. They happen in February or March right when it's coldest. And it's something to do. They always use flowers, usually varieties that have been bred to be pretty. The emphases is on bulbs as usual, probably because they're easiest to sell along side. The thing I don't like though is how few native plants are present. Last year I was delighted to find a few on the show floor.

This year the theme is "Passports to the World." While I can't wait to see the displays, I know I'll be groaning at all the nonnative plants. Here's hoping someone remembers what North America looked like. The other issue with the theme is they're allowing vendors from around the world to setup shop. Meaning even more nonnative plants roaming around, all be it ones unlikely to be invasive.

It goes without saying that I'll be attending the show this year. I'll be armed with my camera and just as I did last year I'll post all about it.