Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sure it's close to 35F outside but even in this harsh cold things are still growing. Plants such as Heathers are actually blooming in this cool weather. I don't have have any planted and am unsure if any are even native to my area. They're more of a west coast genus anyhow. I go out to the garden and see nothing but the skeletal remains of the garden that was. At the end of next month I'll clean it all out in preparation for the early plants that grow below.

On the warm days I'm able to see my honey bees flying about, but unfortunately they fly only from 2 of my 4 hives. The other 2 have died from starvation. I'll do my best to keep the other two alive but this is sort of a blessing. I don't know what I would have done with 4 new swarms of bees next year to be honest. Hopefully the other two will survive to swarm and I'll be back up to 4 hives again.

Even with so much death around the year is still coming along as it should. I see my fruit trees full of buds for springs flowers. And right now I can even see the starts of Hyacinths and Daffodils emerging above the soil. The yard will bloom once again.

In the mean time I've been hard at work editing an episode of my podcast. Normally the topic is on ants but I figured it's winter so I'll take the time to get a show devoted entirely to plants and bees out of the way. If only to remind everyone what color looked like. It should be out tomorrow if all goes to plant.