Friday, March 6, 2009

Pollinator Websites

Just a reminder, the Great Sunflower Project is drawing close to their shipping date. So if you plan on joining please head over to their site and sign up. If you've already signed up then they're asking you log in and confirm your address. I just did this for my account moments ago... they say remember to his submit. I have to say I did and it didn't seem like it did anything. There was no "Congratulations You Did Everything Correct," or anything like that. So we'll see what happens with getting seeds.

I have already picked up a packet the sunflower seeds they'll be using this year, Lemon Queen Sunflowers (annual). It's not a variety I've ever grown before but looks nice. I'm hoping the yellow of the petals isn't as pale as I see it from pictures online.

On another topic, you may notice you like having pollinators coming to your yard. If that's the case then be sure to visit They have a planting guide for pollinator gardens and a broader range to pollinators than most sites that deal with the topic. The only problem I found with it is I had no idea what guide to click on. There are 4 for California alone and all the others are named oddly. Using their zipcode code search cleared up any confusion though.