Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Philadelphia Flower Show Bella Italia

Despite 10 inches of snow I still managed to get over and see the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. This year's theme was Bella Italia. Looking at their brochure though one wonders what Sunflowers have to do with Italy. Thankfully these American natives weren't used to much in the Italian theme. I twas right to go at the time I did. 10 inches of slow mean schools would be canceled and more than half the people who take the speed line would call into work sick or snowed in. Sure enough I was right.

At the show there was relatively few people walking around. No line whatsoever to get tickets. And there were happy gaps in the crowd that allowed for me to take loads of pictures; some of them good even!

Just as last year, when one walks into the room you overpowered by the smell of pollen. However it this year it was weaker and didn't linger through the show at all.

The sheer work that goes into creating the show is breathtaking. This had to take more than a full week to achieve. Statues of Poseidon and other Greek Gods were all over the place. Huge pillars of heavy stone lined a fantastic fountain right as you walk in. And all along it were flowers and trees mostly in full bloom. The timing for the plants in general had to be done carefully. Each type of plant and variety flowers after a different amount of cold hours.

The main pond featured numerous water pillars that went well with the Delphiniums blooming beside them. Other plants I didn't really recignise but they were there mostly for color.

All the way at the end of the pond was a stage where opera singers preformed all day long. I enjoy classical music but opera isn't something I stop for like so many others.

To the sides of the pond were little gardens that didn't have as much emphases on color. It was all about texture here to go with the statues.

Not the best photo I took but someone placed a Phillies hat on this statue and it was drawing a crowd and laughs.

I'll be back to post more later on.