Sunday, February 28, 2010

Buds and Blooms

While admiring the sunset I noticed the Native Honeysuckle I planted was budding. That means flowers aren't far behind. This is among the earliest plants to bloom here. And I'm told Hummingbirds migrate up to this plant as they bloom.

Flowering supposidly happens mostly on last years growth. I guess that's true because they have a great big pop of blooms early on. For the rest of the year though more flowers come out randomly on the new growth but not as numerous or as concentrated.

Notice that the ground is still covered in snow. I'm really starting to like these tough plants that grow and bloom early. Red Maple is also days away from flowering here but they're not really worth taking pictures of. The flowers are discrete and just make the branches look puffy before the leaves come on.

Another Crocus came up but this past snow did it in I think.

What bee could resist that color?

I expect to see a lot of these at the Philadelphia Flower Show later this week. A lot of the displays take the easy way out (as I call it) and just plant bulbs.