Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best of Bees 2009

Bees! throughout the year. These are slightly better pictures then the ant photos because ants have so little to do with flowers. And that's where I do most of my bee photos. I didn't get around to setting up the observation hive this year sadly.

There are slim pickings in the month of March. I only had 45 crocuses blooming at this time of year. I have over 200 crocuses planted and slowly multiplying in the yard but different colors bloom at different times. The fact that you're looking at 5 of 45 flowers and you're able to see 3 bees at the same time just shows how desperate they are for food this early in the year. (I'm planting more native plants that bloom at this time.)

Mason Bees are adorable.

So so adorable!

When removing a hive from inside a wall ALWAYS use a smooth frosting knife, used to spread creamy frosting on cakes. Accidentally cutting someone's power, cable, gas or phone line just adds to the already difficult task of removing a hive 80,000+ angry bees!

Bees like Milkweed.

Milkweed likes bees, note the milkweed anthers stuck to the bee's legs. Here a Honeybee has gotten a little stuck to a purple coneflower. It doesn't kill the bees but does put them in a bad situation should a spider or assassin bug be around.

Bees really like Milkweed.

Liatris can glow in the dark.

Bees love Liatris.


They love coneflowers, but only when you have a lot.

Winged Sumac are great for the summer harvest.

People need to plant more Joe Pye Weed.

Clethra alnifolia smells great, bees love it.... but probably isn't the best companion with Coneflowers.

Sunflowers get to much attention.

Honey tastes good...

... especially when on pork chops.

Scoliid wasps should be more common.

It took me all year to get a picture of this bees... and now I forget the name of the darn thing.