Monday, February 16, 2009


Recently I attended an State Wide Agricultural Convention of some sort. It was open to the public but I don't think it should have been. There really wasn't anything there at the time I went. There was a honey show, a photo contest, and a display of apples with potatoes. That was it...

It really felt like it was open to the public so they didn't have to pay for security or bother carding people. The hours when the convention starts weren't even clear. All anyone could tell me was it's only open for 12 hours. And okay, fair enough, but I arrived at 10:30am and the only thing going on was a speech from the Governor. I was told the Honey for the Honey Show wouldn't even be ready and displayed until 3:00pm.

So I walked around for a few minutes. There was really nothing to see at all. Just empty booths of different organizations that showed up. One of which was for Conservation. Now I didn't read it much, I was actually quite bored. But the photos in the booth were awful. They featured a field, with a creek running through it and a forest in the background.

That isn't conservation! Conservation would be a lush field of flowers, small shrubs, and tall grasses, infront of the forest, and a fence infront of the place with a sigh that reads "Keep the F*** Out!" "DANGER BEES" or "BEWARE, Nature!"

Now I wasn't reading much about the Conservation booth but you'd think they'd have a picture of good conservation. I certainly hope the pictures I saw showed off their achievements because I've seen better.