Tuesday, February 27, 2024

British House Hunters

I used to be addicted to HGTV. There was nothing more fun than watching a couple get assistance from a bunch of landscapers to transform a space, for better or worse. Or following a young couple as they go "house hunting" and weigh their options. Well sometime last year, my mom had the TV on in the kitchen and it was the very tail end of the British version of what looked like House Hunters. It was right at the end of the episode where they have the couple sat at a table weighing their three options. 

Which house are they going to go with? House One was great but too far from Grian's job. House two cost eleven times the budget they were willing to spend but Madge was keen on the garden. House Three was close to work but built next to train station, below a bowling alley, out front of an airport, and above an ancient Pagan burial ground. 

The couple sit at the table looking down at three folders representing their three options. Then they share a knowing look at one another and the husband says, "I think we both agree, yeah the answer is obvious." And the spouse has this frank look on her face, "It's the right choice." And then normally we find out which one they go with but this time it rolled credits over a high angled shot of the two walking out of the house. The narrator then says, "Grian and Madge decided to not go with any of the three homes, because they were absolutely horrid. Coming up next! It's an episode of ...." 

I was dying laughing at this. I wish I had gotten the name of the show.