Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Back, Also Monarchs!

I'm back! Stories of what Ants of the Southwest was like will have to wait a few days while I get my luggage and belongings mailed to me. I managed to fill up 2 memory cards with photos and videos. My short review is it was awesome, I had a great time, and highly recommend it to anyone with an interested in the topic of ants, or just looking for a vacation to one of the most biodiverse spots in North America. It's a happening bird and butterfly spot, and the whole place is crawling with lizards, toads, and assorted other kinds of creepy crawlies. 

 I came home to find the garden completely overgrown, but also robustly flowering. I finally got the attention of some Monarchs this year.

Unfortunately they're getting harder and harder to attract it seems. I had to plant 24 more plants of the types of Liatris they like.

They're also on the New England Asters, but Meadow Liatris seems to be more of a magnet to them, and it's less aggressive than the asters, which I have plenty of at this point.