Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eric Toensmeier - Regenerative Farming

I had the pleasure to meet Eric Toensmeier earlier this year when he did a talk at the Mt. Cuba Center on native plants that doubled as being food crops as well. I found it to be a little lacking honestly, and it wasn't anything I hadn't already heard from his youtube channels. Basically growing Ramps and Trout Lily and Ground Nut together and such; one leafs out while the other goes dormant or they grow well together. He talked more about turning his home into a productive example of permaculture at work and even started a home business. His true passion though lies when he's not restricted to native plants. There are so many more options out there to grow when we consider food and I'm all for growing nonnative food plants. It's the boring flowers for the sake of flowers sort of gardens I hate. Food plants though have a purpose and people should always grow more of them; and if they're native, then all the better.