Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So I've had to reformat my computer. An issue where Windows Explorer would keep crashing every 3 seconds at start up happened. I tried upgrading my operating system, but didn't have enough free memory for it. Naturally that means I have to delete some but I found that to be all but impossible to do without Windows Explorer working. So I click the "Format" button and then thought maybe I could try this other thing... Oh wait, nope, apparently Formating a computer takes all of one second to complete. You'd expect like two or three "Are you sure you want to leave your computer a blank slate and lose all your data?" warnings to pop up before that happens. Nope.

So I didn't really lose all that much. But I'm without Photoshop or an editing program at the moment. Also I had intended to put together another video of the Ant Together that happened earlier this year... I might have deleted all the video content for that... Oops.

So I have Windows 8 now. It's nice, but I had to google search how to shut down my computer because it doesn't have a start button in the lower left hand corner. (Turns out hovering the mouse over the lower right corner brings up the option.)