Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hummingbird Wrestling

So I had just harvested honey today. It's a very mundane process. Smoke the bees, open the boxes, remove frames into empty box, brush off bees before putting frame into said box, carry haul into home, uncap frames, put frames into honey extractor, spin handle about a hundred times per interval, take a break, let honey drip through strainer into pan, switch pan as needed, scoop honey into jars.

While doing all this I'd turned on the TV in the kitchen which we don't use much at all anymore. The channels come in via antenna instead of cable becuase no one is out there ever so we don't know the channels at all. We found a marathon playing Law and Order Special Victim's Unit, which I'm not a fan of. The lead character talks funny, and they show you who the murderer is and what he's doing, removing all sense of mystery and who done it in one fail swoop. This somehow turned into Pro Wrestling after two hours... same channel. I don't watch Wrestling ever but I found it way more entertaining than Law and Order.

Out in the garden though another form of wrestling was going on.

My yard has never been known for an abundance of Hummingbirds, but this afternoon I suddenly had three or four of them fighting over the Coral Honeysuckle. To the point one had started tackling the others to the ground... unless I'm mistaking some sort of mating. I did hear a loud chirping by some as they flew over head, but I think it was the female making that sound.

Half Time was held at the cloths line, which I've confiscated to grow cucumbers and tomatoes along. They sip at all the plants, while they tackle and peck one another, then break a little bit before starting up again. It's like they're playing some sort of game.