Thursday, June 6, 2013

American Persimmon Take Two

So this is the second year my wild persimmon tree has flowered. Diospyros virginiana is our native species which normally requires two trees for pollination but I have a cultivar called 'Meader' which can self pollinate. This is a desirable trait becuase our native persimmon can turn into a 60' tall tree, though I rarely see them that big. Last year it did produce fruit but unfortunately hurricane Sandy had other plans and there was not a fruit to be had on the tree. (All things considered we were lucky.)

I've found our native Carpenter Bees like to pollinate them. Unfortunately some grass is blocking the picture but this demonstrates how they like to flower on semi-old wood. All the new stems pushing out this year don't have any flowers on them.

Persimmons are a very odd fruit, shaped like tomatoes, orange like pumpkins, and they taste sort of like cantaloupe (musk melon) once you get past the astringent aspects. Storing them in the freezer for a day removes the unpleasant taste. What's neat is that the fruit usually clings to the tree even after the leaves have fallen off in the autumn.

Now if only my Paw Paws would get their act together.