Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Philadelphia Flower Show

I'm not really sure why I go to the Philadelphia International Flower Show each year anymore. I often criticize them for their dependence on bulbs. Last year was a refreshing breath of fresh air becuase there wasn't a bulb to be found at all, except from one or two exhibitors who specialize in selling and developing them. In a show where Orchids were so extensively used I can hardly fault a family bulb business.

This year's theme seems to be England ... I hesitate to say "Again" because since I've been going they've done themes like Venice, France, Europe, World Tour, and England kind of blends in. I think Asian Gardens would stand out so much more given their previous themes.

Bulbs aside, I hope to attend and give it a fair review. I know it's hard to get plants to flower in March. If they are going to use them, I hope that someone goes all out with them. I want half a foot ball field laid out of nothing but tulips!