Monday, October 22, 2012

Monarchs Wave Good Bye

Now that I have a little break I might as well start posting again. Hopefully on a daily basis.

About two weeks ago I believe the last of the Monarchs passed through my area. I had a male and female on the New England Aster.

They weren't interested in one another at all, but sure loved the flowers.

Sadly I only got one Monarch caterpillar in my yard this year, and it did make it to adulthood. I'm not quite sure why though. Milkweed was the native plant I ever put in my garden and I've always had Monarchs visit. This year though I seemed to be seeing them everywhere except for my yard.

News of their migration this year has been confusing. Early reports varied from Record High Numbers to Record Low Numbers. Currently the Record Low reports seem to have won out.