Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caterpillars that Look Like Lady Gaga

Once again the Yahoo home page linked to a "news" story where someone over at Outdoor is blogging that years ago someone uploaded a photo of a moth that looks like a poodle.

Here is the original article.

It basically reads like it was written by a spoiled 16 year old girl.

The first word that comes to mind when casting your eyes upon this photo of a bedazzling insect labeled the Venezuelan Poodle Moth is Photoshop. Really? A moth that looks like a poodle? Eyelashes that Lady Gaga would envy? Seriously?

As it turns out, yes, it is real...

What really got to me though was this comment here.

This moth reminds us of Lady Gaga.

Which has inspired me to search the internet for images of Caterpillars that look like Lady Gaga. (Also a fun drinking game for Lepidopterists reading along at home.)

The Stinging Rose Caterpillar looks just like Lady Gaga.

The Paddle Caterpillar looks just like Lady Gaga.

The Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar, which actually mimics bird shit to not get eaten by birds, looks just like Lady Gaga.

The Spotted Tussock Caterpillar looks just like Lady Gaga.

And so on... So these caterpillars really don't have anything in common other than they look somewhat eccentric. I haven't seen Lady Gaga do anything new lately so maybe my vision of her is a few years old. She wears attention getting get ups, and costumes, and tries to come off as fashion forward. She's pushed the boundaries on acceptable female attire on so many fronts that I could probably have posted random insect photos and still captioned each one as it looks just like Lady Gaga.