Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Caterpillar Season is Open

I found this caterpillar on my Asparagus this morning. I don't believe it's big enough for my to ID yet.

On our Concord Grape Vine there is yet another caterpillar I can't ID yet. I believe it's a sphinx moth of some sort, but other than that I'll have to keep an eye on it.

What I can ID though is Eight-Spotted Forester, Alypia octomaculata.This is a day time flying moth that I occasionally see flying around. It's no where near as common as I'd like though and they don't seem to have a favorite flower either. The caterpillars are neat looking with orange stripes and big white hairs. Despite the warning colors though, they spend most of their time under the Concord Grape Vine leaves. When disturbed they abandon the host plant either by a silk safety line or out right diving off. When handled they wiggle about relentlessly and vomit a brown/green liquid.

This is one that needs access to loose soil or wood chips in order to pupate. I placed a few into a cage and hopefully I'll be able to get shots of the adults if they're successful.