Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Farming Games

So there's a computer game that simulates farming called Farming Simulator 2011. Which looks like a worthy successor to Sim Farm in that you run a farm. From the game play that I've seen though it doesn't look like you get pick what you grow, and driving around is all you do. You can't even own a shot gun to point at unwanted solicitors and be like, "Get off my lawn."

I would love for there to be an updated version of this game. 3D or not though it would be great if they incorporate modern ideas such as dealing with invasive species, plant diseases, using Genetically Modified Crops, pollination, and even prairie restoration. The point wouldn't be to say one is better or worse but rather let the player get informed and take a side. Maybe even play it out to it's ultimate goal, even if it is a deluded fantasy.

Highly favoring GM crops might lead society to a world where everything is naturally trimmed to perfection. Lawns naturally stop growing after they reach 4 inches tall, trees look proper to an ascetic and naturally grow into topiary shapes, Oh and corn cures cancer now.

Highly favoring conservation might lead to a society where permaculture farms are in everyone's back yards, or "environmental corridors" as our city architects now design housing developments around. The seed bank is over flowing with heirloom varieties. And the people are richer in a different way.

And of course there's all the fun stuff in between. Getting Hemp legalized and having it used as clothing, and printing money or whatever. Importing exotic species or unlocking native ones that are currently not on the market.