Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Friend Starts Blogging

Hay everyone, I just wanted to mention my friend in Indiana has started a blog. It's called Bumble Bees and Ants of Indiana. Naturally I was the first person to comment "First," of course. I've know him since he was a teenager, and I think it's correct to say I mentored him through ant keeping, and to an extent native plant gardens as well. As he's in the middle of prairie country it was only a matter of time before he surpassed me in some respects. He has access to a lot more remnant prairies than I do here in NJ (where we have old meadows and wetlands at best). He's even branched off and this past year started several bumblebee hives. Next year if all goes well I believe he's starting with honeybees. So hopefully he really takes to blogging and we get some nice posts over there. 


  1. Good golly, it took me forever to figure out where you're located. I think blogs about nature should be clear about where. Nice blog, btw.

  2. I'll have to check out his blog! I tried to capture and rear some bumble bees this spring but it was a failure. Going to try again next spring. Honey bees are easier.