Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Beneficial Predators

Predatory insects are out and about taking advantage of the scavenger and herbaceous pray. Here a ladybug larva feasts upon a plentiful supply of aphids. This is well needed too as the main tree with the aphid problem has so much honeydew dripping on it's leaves that portions of the lower growth, and other plants around it, have started turning black. This should go away soon, but when this tree gets a little taller such aphid problems might cause bad things to the fruit (native plums). Honey dew rain is also disgusting to sit under.

Here some type of spider guards an apple. I've always called these jumping spiders, perhaps someone else knows a better name? Apple Trees are a good place to hunt for insects. Contrary to what supermarkets lead you to believe, Apples are not easy to grow, at least perfect ones that is. These trees get used by an assortment of common moths, diseases run rampant, and all to often you'll find a large worm crawling around inside the fruit. Weekly spraying is the only way to really ensure a good harvest but isn't always necessary. A few apples are typically untouched by all the insect pandemonium. 

I'm still seeing droves of Praying Mantises wondering about. They haven't ventured very far from the eggs but I'm sure they're slowly dispersing around the garden. What's neat is how some of them are developing. Some have larger heads now, while others seem to get bigger four-arms. I'll try and get pictures of this later on.