Friday, March 25, 2011

Ant Web Goes National with it's Citizen Science Program

This morning I was happy to read Alex Wild's blog to find that Ant Web is expanding it's citizen science program with the aid of an Android ap.

Also you should all be subscribed to Alex Wild's blog if you're not already. Along with being a brilliant macro photographer I've come to know him as the voice of reason when it comes to a lot of the more controversial things going on in biology. In this case he writes.

It seems silly to me that we in the U.S. lack a national biodiversity survey program. That is, there’s no biology equivalent to USGS. Our knowledge of where species occur in our country is- and I’m really not kidding- a haphazard history of where collectors have gone on vacation. As a result some parts of the continent are basically black holes. Try finding a comprehensive list of the ants of Kentucky, for example. It doesn’t exist.