Friday, February 25, 2011

Justin Bieber's Hair = Money ... What?

Earlier this week on the Ellen Show, Justin Bieber was a guest and announced he was donating a lock of his hair to be auctioned off on E-Bay. 100% of the procedures go to fund a charity called "The Gentle Barn Foundation."

As of posting this the bids Here were up to $7,200.

Now I don't mean to criticize this, as I'm a fan of charity work. But, The Gentle Barn Foundation is self described as "Teaching people kindness and compassion to animals, each other and our planet," and their logo is a person feeding a cow by hand. So basically they're like a petting zoo. And I've found nothing on their website to suggest anything else.

Maybe they do work with special needs or something but I'm used to charities doing a little bit more than what this one does. Again that's not to say this is a bad thing, I'm just having trouble understanding how they're incapable of turning their own prophet. Do petting zoos turn a prophet?

"Our goal is to make 100,000 hugs possible within the next year," said Jay Weiner, president of The Gentle Barn. "We want everyone in our community to feel the healing effects of hugging a cow."

So ... Justin Bieber's hair is raising money for this organization to ... help people hug cows? or something ... What?