Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Arrangements with the Mt. Cuba Center

The good folks at the Mt. Cuba Center have released a nice video on how to make a simple Holiday Arrangement. I love that place and just had to share this with everyone. It's so simple to do and takes such a short amount of time.

If you love native Wildflowers they're well worth visiting. Here is their website. They are a private garden, so tours have to be arranged ahead of time, but are also offered occasionally with a lot of their classes. Their Annual Wildflower Celebration next year is May 1st when the gardens are open to the public. The vast majority of the plants growing are native and it's a great way to kill an afternoon. I came home from last year's feeling like I should have paid $50 to get in. It is that relaxing and pretty there. Last year they handed out a free plant to everyone who went... I'm not sure if they're doing that again this year.

Even if you go and hate it there, remember you're in Delaware and there's no sales tax so get some shopping done!