Monday, November 1, 2010

Ant Chat: Episode 23 Fall Ant Activity

Sorry for not doing a show in a while. Also sorry at how socially awkward I sound in the first few minutes. I recorded this all in one take and it's been a while. Around minute 3 though the show comes together. I finally got around to filming some Ponera pennsylvanica. Hopefully I'll get more of them next year. I may have gotten the second invasive Tetramorium species in my yard, Tetramorium tsushima, more from realizing the difference between them and T. species-e. The difference is T. tsushima is .5mm shorter than T. species-e, and T. tsushima tends to be but not consistently bicolored.

The mesosoma (segment where the legs connect to the body) tends tends to be more red or lighter in color.

And I get to show video of the odd behavior I noticed with Lasius claviger/umbratus queens hanging out on blooming plants of Goldenrod, Solidago sp.

Special Thanks to The Too Gentlemen Podcast for plugging the show a few weeks back. Do note though some of their topics are not work safe but they say it like it is usually. I went to school with one of them, and was asked to guest on the show sometime in the future.