Saturday, September 11, 2010

Myrmecochory - Seed Dispersal by Ants

Ants featured in this video and weather or not they successfully planted the seed.
Aphaenogaster rudis      Pass
Formica pallidefulva      Pass
Formica subsericea       Pass
Camponotus castaneus   Pass 
(Camponotus only tried in captivity but the seeds are not likely in a good position in the nest, e.g. dead tree or too deep in the ground.)
Temnothorax sp.            Fail
Tetramorium species E.   Fail
Monomorium minimum   Fail
Tapinoma sessile              Fail 
Crematogaster cerasi       Fail
Solenopsis molesta          Fail

Plants Featured in this Video
Trillium grandiflorum
Twinleaf - Jeffersonia diphylla
Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis
Bleeding Hearts - Dicentra sp.
Trillium cuneatum