Tuesday, October 13, 2009

KaBoom! :(

My parents surprised me today by saying "We're bombing the house." Naturally I was rolling my yes. Filling the house with a deadly poison is never a good idea. And my parents were trying to rush me out the door because they'd just started lighting off cans. I rushed to move EVERYTHING outside. All my test tubes, ant setups, even things I wasn't using. Miscellaneous tubbing, tweezers, magnifying glasses, all had to be removed and put outside.

I spent two hours out shopping at the mall and surveyed the damage when I got home. Stink bugs trying to get in the window that were alive before are now dead or dying. Those that are alive are now foaming at the mouth with spittle and moving in a confused way. These were insects just outside the window and they're now dead.

My parents did this after trying to rid our dog of flees. After coming home it wasn't long before I had one on me alive and well.

As much as I argued against this my parents wouldn't listen that it's not the right thing to do. My ant room is now completely contaminated and I'm afraid to use anything. All of my colonies are young and very susceptible to disease. I'll be bringing them inside later on tonight. For now though everything is airing out.