Sunday, September 6, 2009

Black Jack Sedum

The plant I've been struggling to not accidentally call Jack Black Sedum. This is an odd dark leaved cultivar of some Sedum species. It's one of my most prized plants because it's a unique looking color, stands out great in the garden, and blooms right after Joe Pye Weed.

As you can see it gets loads of skippers. Other bees and pollinators also love it.

The flowers are brighter than other sedums. It's a deeper pink. Last year it got lots of honey bees but this year not so much. Oddly enough it's a butterfly magnet more than anything.

And it goes great with fall blooming asters and mums. I'm hoping to take cuttings from it and start them indoors over the winter.

Skippers have always been the brown sometimes orange butterfly I never really cared about. But I have to say seeing dozens of them all together is an interesting sight.

I'm seeing some more diversity too. This one was twice as big as all the others but much perfected impatient.