Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trilliums Emerging

Somewhat surprising, I found a few Trilliums growing out in the yard. This particular one photographed I planted at this time about last year. It didn't grow then because it had already attempted that in the bag. Other Trilliums that I planted around it also didn't grow and I don't think are coming up either. I really question why garden centers and stores sell these to be planted in late winter and spring. The least they could do is store them outside.

One reason could be that squirrels and rodents like eating them. I know I planted a bunch in the fall as well and I'm certain nearly all of those were dug up and devoured. The thing is though that this is easily avoided. Just water them after you plant, because squirrels don't like digging in wet soil. Placing chicken wire down is another precaution to prevent things from digging in general. Lastly throw leaf litter down to hide the open soil.

I'll post back with more about this plant when it starts flowering. They are ideal for shade and best off all Ants are the main way their seeds are distributed.